Clump Seal Arm Hammer Cat Litter

I’m The Cat Sitter Extraordinaire

My neighbours cat Cassie I will be completely honest with you here. I am not a cat person. When someone asks do you like cats or dogs, I always say dogs. My grandma had a cat and whenever I tried to pet her, I would always be met with a hiss or by a whack…

Anxiety Despair Mood Fear Depression

The Face of Anxiety: Part II

The following post is a continuation of The Face of Anxiety posted previously. Step one on the road to recovery from anxiety was to begin talking to someone about it. Luckily, I was already seeing a fantastic mental health counsellor who I connected with after my mom passed away. This woman was my second saviour….

Anxiety Sad Depressed Mental Illness Young Woman

The Face of Anxiety

Who is that girl in the mirror? I do not recognize her. She looks familiar. She looks a little like me. But yet, she does not. Her cheekbones are more prominent and cheeks are sunk in. She is also very pale. This young lady has my bright blue eyes. They are staring back at me….

Cold Flu Influenza Sick

When The Cold And Flu Invade Your Home

It all started with the husband. He had the chills, sweats, runny nose and a really bad cough. Then, it trickled down to the kids. Big boy had been coughing for a few days. His nose started running. Then, the other night after hockey practice, he started crying because his head hurt so much. His…

VTech Innotab Max Cover Stand

Kids Connect with the VTech InnoTab Max

I knew that the VTech InnoTab Max tablet was going to be a great device but I did not realize how great until I got it into my kid’s hands. When I showed Little Man his new toy he was super excited. H was so pumped that he practically grabbed it from my hands the…

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Favourite Reads {9}

This is a special late night edition of my favourite reads for this week. How was your week? For me, it was a long one and I am looking forward to starting over fresh this coming week. Jon Acuff: Dear Person Going To A Job They Don’t Love Tomorrow Because tomorrow is Monday… I really…

Picture Keeper Home Screen

Safeguard And Backup Your Photos With Picture Keeper

We live in a digital world and now, so do our memories. A big worry that I have is that one day I will lose all of our digital photos. Does anyone have this same worry? Or is it just me? What if the desktop computer suddenly crashes? What if the external hard drive fails…

Door Lock Secure Safekeeping

Put Away for Safekeeping

Do you ever put something away for safekeeping only to not be able to find it once you need it? This sadly happens to me a lot. More than I care to admit but I will loudly and proudly here. I was hired a few years ago to format a safety manual for someone who…