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Favourite Reads {3)

The internet is still down at my place so this will be a short favorite reads post this week. Big Love and Epic Fail: Facing Fears and Going Big Earlier this week I shared my dream of potentially writing a book. This blogger explains some of the same fears I have about writing my own…

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Giving Some Blog Loving Using Feedly

I love programs that can make your life easier. Or just a wee bit easier. As a blogger, obviously I love to write. However, another side to blogging is the act of reading other blogs. And boy do I ever read a lot. I try to comment as much as I can too as commenting…

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How to Survive A Combined Birthday Party

A couple of weekends ago we hosted a combined birthday party for our two sons. I must tell you that our son’s birthdays are nowhere near each other. Our oldest, Big Boy, was born at the end of August and our youngest, Little Man, celebrates his birthday at the beginning of December. We were out…

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Writing A Novel

Do you have a book in you? Fact or fictional? Related to your blog or totally different from it? Today I am resorting to using a #NaBloPoMo prompt. (And today we are on Day 3 of Internet connection problems.) Do I have a book in me? Well, one of my dreams is to write a…

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Technology Humour

Please bare with me as I am still experiencing technical difficulties. To lighten the mood I thought I’d share a wee bit of technology humour.

My Favourite Reads Books Blogs Love

Favourite Reads {2}

I think I am going to enjoy writing a favourite reads post every week. However, it is going to be extremely difficult to narrow down what my favourite articles and blog posts are from the week because there are so many to choose from! Here we go again for round two!

Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather

The other day I came to a realization. I do not own any sweaters. (Well, I have a couple but none of them are “true” sweaters.)

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Zombie Apocalypse: A Unique Song

The other day while cruising through my news feed something caught my eye. My former elementary school physical education teacher had shared a video of this really unique song he uploaded to YouTube. Not only did he write said song but he was performing it as well.