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Oct 22 2014

Wordless Wednesday: The Sock That Almost Burned The House Down

Sock That Almost Burned House Down

This, my friends, is the sock that almost burned our house down.

Yes, maybe that is a wee bit of an exaggeration but had I not found it, who knows what could have happened!

Here is the back story.

Oct 21 2014

An Interview with Cottage North Magazine


Cottage North Magazine July August Issue

I hope you are all having a fantastic morning.

Months ago after working with my friend C.C. Trubiak on a review of his latest album he suggested that I contact the editor of local magazine, Cottage North, to see if maybe I could contribute to an issue. Read More >>

Oct 15 2014

Browsing and Dreaming in Ikea

My trip to Blissdom was broken up into two legs. For the first leg I had to drive eight hours to get to Winnipeg from here. Then, I had to fly two and a half hours to Toronto where the awesome Chevrolet shuttle service picked me up and took me to the hotel in Mississauga.

This time I went into the trip with a plan! Last year I was winging it. I had no idea just how exhausted I would be after the conference. Last year I flew into Winnipeg and tried to do some shopping the same day. Big mistake! After having lunch at the mall food court and browsing through a few stores I began to feel dizzy. I went back to my hotel immediately and slept. I only woke to have supper and went back to sleep. The next day I drove home. The whole eight hours. It was awful. Read More >>

Oct 15 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Trail Mix on Steroids?

Trail Mix Island Snacks Calories

On my first leg of my trip to the Blissdom Canada conference I stopped at a local gas station to fuel up and grab a few things. I had an eight hour drive ahead of me and I needed some snacks for the road. I quickly grabbed a bag of the Fancy Chocolate Mix because it was similar to the trail mix my family enjoys at home. Read More >>

Oct 14 2014

Blissdom Canada 2014


Honestly, I did not think I was going to make it to the Blissdom Canada conference this year. I kept telling people that I was not going. There was no way it was going to happen this year. It was too darn expensive. But then I received a wee bit of encouragement from Jennifer, a few gentle nudges from Aimee and Nicole, the stars aligned and I was on my way to the greatest blogging conference in Canada. Read More >>

Sep 25 2014

Books That Inspire From I Can! Kids! #Giveaway

Dream Big I Can! Kids!

“Imagine children everywhere, walking around with confidence, setting goals and developing a plan to accomplish those tasks, knowing that they have the strength and courage to accomplish anything that they set their mind to. These children will dream big. Anything is achievable, anything can be accomplished. These same children grow up; they continue to accomplish remarkable things; they contribute significantly to our society; they change the world.” Source: I Can! Kids! Website

Sep 5 2014

The Busy Family Back-To-School Toolkit for the HP Photosmart 7520 Printer #HPCanada #HP #Printables

The first week of school is almost over. Did everyone survive?

Big Boy is enjoying being in Grade Four so far. A lot of his friends from last year and over his school career are in the same classroom as he is. That makes it easy to transition for him. However, it has been a wee bit more difficult for Little Man. He had his first day (or morning as Kindergarten is only half days here in Manitoba) on Wednesday. He refused to get dressed, eat his breakfast, brush his teeth, etc. Actually, he has basically refused to do so every morning. He is adamant he is not going to school each and every day. “No school, just hockey!” he keeps telling me.

Luckily, we have made it to Little Man’s classroom each day so far. A few tears have been shed and not just on his end. It is extremely hard to leave him when he is like that but the teacher gently pries him off of me and then, I am able to sneak away. The teacher reassured me that within about two minutes of me leaving, he is just fine. So, that makes me feel better.

We all know how hectic back-to-school time can be. Getting used to old routines and new can be overwhelming. HP Printables can make the transition a wee bit easier (along with a strong cup of coffee or tea!).


Aug 27 2014

HP Photosmart 7520 Printer & The Back-To-School Kid’s Pack #HPCanada #Printables

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! *singing in my lovely sing-song voice*

And no, I do not mean Christmas.

It’s back to school time!

The time all of us stay-at-home parents have been waiting for! (Come on, you know it is true!)

Although my kids may not be ready to go back to school, I am sure ready to get back into a routine. I need some law and order around here. The lazy days of summer can take a hike! Although, I did like those casual beach or spray pool days. Those were fun and somewhat relaxing.

My kids start school in less than a week. Big Boy will be starting fourth grade and Little Man will be attending Kindergarten! Like everyone else I am wondering how summer passed by so quickly and how it is possibly my kids are both going to be in school this year. Unlike in other provinces though, Little Man will only be attending school for half a day as we do not have full day Kindergarten here in Manitoba.

To help Little Man, as well as Big Boy, ease into the transition of starting (or going back) to school, HP Canada offers some educational and entertaining printables which are available for download through our HP Photosmart 7520 printer. Read More >>

May 15 2014

My Son Bought His Own iPad

iPad Mini

My oldest son, Big Boy, is eight years old and has saved up his birthday and Christmas money for the past couple of years to be able to buy his own iPad.

He has patiently awaited for this day and is super eager to get his iPad. But Mommy has been really reluctant to go and actually buy the darn thing. Why you ask? I am so afraid of him having access to the big scary world the Internet could open up to him. (Or moreover, I am more afraid of the big scary Internet world having access to him.) Read More >>

May 13 2014

He Really Needed To Go Pee

The other day my lovely, perfectly behaved boys (insert a lot of sarcasm here) went over to the neighbours a few houses down the street to play.

They have a trampoline. How can we compete with that?


While sitting in the living room enjoying the peace and quiet I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. Read More >>