My Son Bought His Own iPad

iPad Mini

My oldest son, Big Boy, is eight years old and has saved up his birthday and Christmas money for the past couple of years to be able to buy his own iPad.

He has patiently awaited for this day and is super eager to get his iPad. But Mommy has been really reluctant to go and actually buy the darn thing. Why you ask? I am so afraid of him having access to the big scary world the Internet could open up to him. (Or moreover, I am more afraid of the big scary Internet world having access to him.) Continue reading →

He Really Needed To Go Pee

The other day my lovely, perfectly behaved boys (insert a lot of sarcasm here) went over to the neighbours a few houses down the street to play.

They have a trampoline. How can we compete with that?


While sitting in the living room enjoying the peace and quiet I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. Continue reading →

Making Health A Priority With Shakeology

Ever since I was a little girl I have struggled with my weight.

It seems as though I have tried everything to try to lose weight and keep it off.

At some points I even become obsessed about my weight. I got to a point where I would weigh myself everyday.

Over the years I did manage to get my weight down to a point that I figure is where my body should be. It always seemed to be the weight that my body constantly returned to. Continue reading →

Feel Better With Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy

Many of you may not have heard of Bowen Therapy before.

I hadn’t heard of it either until a friend of mine started taking the courses to become a Bowen therapist.

My friend Suzanne needed a guinea pig to practice her newfound skills on and I was more than willing.¬†At the time I was suffering from lower back pain and of course, anxiety. Suzanne believed she could help alleviate my ailments with this awesome new therapy. Continue reading →

25 Random Things About Me Facebook Meme

25 Random Things About Me Facebook Meme

Remember a few years ago there was a Facebook meme floating around where people were asked to write 25 Random Things about themselves?

Of course you do. We all did it.

Being the overachiever that I am, I wrote slightly more than 25. It also took me about a week or so to properly organize my thoughts and write them out. Continue reading →