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Laundry Clean Basket

Lately it seems as though my laundry pile grows exponentially overnight.

For instance, my coloured item loads are ridiculous.  I just wash and dried one load of colours, then I place the next bunch of dirty clouded clothes into the hamper and the hamper is almost full right to the top again!  What the fudge?  I just emptied the dang thing!?!

I actually do know part of the reason for this madness.

My oldest son seems to think he needs to change multiple times throughout the day.  I mean really… do you have someone you are trying to impress at the age of 6?  Actually, he has been changing because Mother Nature is going through menopause.  (Well, I will give Mother Nature a bit of a break as it is Fall.)  In the morning it is pretty chilly and by afternoon it is so warm that oldest darling son (DS) says that he doesn’t need that sweater he put on first thing.

So, oldest DS thinks he can go through pants, shorts, and different shirts all in one day.  Of course he doesn’t fold up the clothes he wore for only a few short hours.  Nooooo!  He has to throw them downstairs into the dirty clothes pile and put on his new outfit.

Then, there is our youngest darling son, who is learning to use utensils to eat.  We do use a bib to somewhat protect his clothing but you know kids, they never stay in the right place or even stay on for that matter!  So, sometimes he goes through a few wardrobe changes in a day.

Oh, if only there were such thing as a Laundry Fairy.

I would pay her big bucks to sort, wash, dry, and fold my family’s closet contents.

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