Sleeping Patterns, or Lack Thereof

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Why is that on weekends your kids are up at the crack of dawn just when you want a couple more hours, well in reality more like minutes, of sleep?

But when you really need them to get up at a certain time, say to get ready for school, they sleep in?

I just cannot figure my kids out!

This morning my little one was up chit-chatting (well he babbles as he still isn’t talking yet) around 7:00am.  He sounded content so I let him be for a while.  It’s a school day today so I dragged myself out of bed at 7:30am and went into youngest darling son’s (DS) room to get change his diaper and start the day.  I came into the living room and low and behold, no oldest darling son (DS) to be seen.  I went into his room and there he was still snuggled into his blanket all warm and cozy.  Oh how I wish that could be me!  But yet, this weekend at quarter to 7:00am, he bounded into our bedroom requesting to play the Wii!

Seriously?  You sleep in on a day when we have to have a routine and we need to get things done by a certain time!?!  Really?

Oldest DS woke up extremely grumpy this morning and was stomping his feet all over the place.  How can someone be so grumpy when they got 11, almost 12, hours of sleep!?!  I got, what was it, about 5 hours of sleep last night and I, at least, try to put a smile on my face in the morning!  ;)

Aren’t kids supposed to develop sleeping patterns by now?

Grr!  And this is the start to my day today…

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