BeautyGram: A Little Surprise in a Pretty Pink Box

I have been interacting with Jennifer from BeautyGram for a while now on Twitter.

A couple of months ago I was chatting away on Twitter (late at night as usual) when I saw Jenn tweet out a picture of some of the products inside BeautyGram’s cute little pink boxes.

I had secretly always wanted to receive one.

So, I boldly replied to her tweet saying that I would love to receive one.

And you know what? She replied saying that she could make that happen! I was shocked and thoroughly excited. We privately messaged each other and I sent her my mailing address.

The adorable pink box arrived while I was away on vacation for my brother’s wedding. I couldn’t wait to open it to see what was inside.


Here was what Jenn put together for me in my BeautyGram.

*Cake Milk Made Nourishing Body Butter

*Smith’s Menthol and Eucalyptus Balm

*SpaRitual The Giving Tree Nail Polish

*Lucia No. 7 Sea Watercress and Chai Tea Soy Candle

*Revolution Honeybush Caramel Tea

*and Two BeautyGram Chocolates



The chocolates were delicious (I am a chocolate addict as you know). The caramel tea hit the spot. The watercress and chai tea soy candle resides by my bedside and every once in a while the lovely sweet scent makes it way pleasantly to my nose. I love the deep purple colour of the nail polish. It is so elegant. The body butter does make my skin feel so silky soft! And the lip balm is a great help when my lips are super dry. All excellent products and very well used!

Thank you again Jennifer for sending me this lovely gift! I really did appreciate it.

To learn more about the different types of BeautyGrams you can purchase for a special someone, check out Jenn’s website at

These little gems definitely make a unique gift!

Brandy Reid is a stay at home mom to two very active and hockey obsessed boys. As a former YA librarian, Brandy loves to read and is obsessed with reading everyday whether it be books or blogs. Brandy proudly admits that she is a wee bit addicted to social media, especially Twitter. She also believes that everything in life you can related to the iconic TV Show Friends. No day is complete without chocolate.

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  1. Michelle Bee
    Michelle BeeReply
    July 22, 2013 at 8:45 PM

    Oh my gosh! SO cute! and what a nice thing to get!
    Someone as sweet as you deserves a nice treat!

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