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I think I am going to enjoy writing a favourite reads post every week.

However, it is going to be extremely difficult to narrow down what my favourite articles and blog posts are from the week because there are so many to choose from!

Here we go again for round two!

City Mom – Magazine Worthy Holiday Table for Under $50

My blogger friend Kelly decided to attempt to recreate a holiday table she saw in one of her favourite magazines. The challenge though was to do it on a budget! I think she pulled it off. It looks fabulous.

Jeni Marinucci from YummyMummyClub – The Job With A Two-Week Life Expectancy

This past week on November 11th, Remembrance Day, we took time out of our busy lives to remember those who fought for our freedom. Jeni shared in this eye opening post how her grandfather was a tail gunner during World War II. The job was extremely dangerous and rarely did a tail gunner make it past 10 missions (or less than 2 weeks). He accepted the challenge and lived to tell the tale.

The New York Times – Our “Mommy” Problem

This article went viral this past week and I can see why. Here are some of my favourite quotes from the article. “Becoming a mother doesn’t change you so much as violently refurbish you, even though you’re still the same underneath it all.” “You’ll feel like a new person, all right — a new person you don’t necessarily know or recognize.” “The current culture demands that every mother be all in, all the time.” “We are outspent and out-helicoptered and outnumbered.” “Somehow, as we’ve learned to treat children as people with desires and rights of their own, we’ve stopped treating ourselves and one another as such.”

This is a must read! I often find myself wondering if I am anything other than a mother. The “job” we have signed up for as parents can seem all encompassing that I sometimes barely recognize who I am or what I like to do.

Canon Canada – How to Create Your Own Wall Art Gallery

Now, this is not a post. It is a video on how my friend Alex’s husband, Alex blogs at I Don’t, surprised her with a very personalized wall art gallery. He had a little help from Canon Canada and Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault to accomplish his mission.

Miss Night’s Marbles – Dear Parent: About That Kid

This post was being circulated by many of my teacher friend’s on Facebook and other social media channels. It is quite an eye opening piece. Miss Marbles explains in this riveting post how as a teacher she wishes she could divulge the very personal information on that particular student that you, as a parent, may think is taking the teacher’s attention away from your child. Another must read.

Positively Patty – Woven

Now this post is a couple years old but Patty shared it with us around Remembrance Day. I loved how she described how every one is woven together and even though we may lose some of the those we love, we still have ties that bind us together forever. Love this quote: “We are all woven, deep into one another.  The connections are infinite.  When our own tapestry is coming to an end, it’s beautiful and not only that it’s continuous as our very own strands are woven into our families, our friends, our children and their children.”

Our Family Stone – Oh, My Bad

And last but not least, this post by Ashley at Our Family Stone. This post is difficult to summarize so I will leave you with this quote: “There’s a difference you know, between “My bad” and “I’m sorry”, it might not seem like it but there is.  To say you’re sorry shows remorse, it requires humility & it acknowledges that you not only did something wrong, but that you regret that it has hurt/offended/injured the person you’re saying it to.”

What are your favourite reads from this past week?

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  1. peady
    November 20, 2014 at 8:24 PM

    I love these posts! I read Jeni all the time! The Canon wall art gallery was so amazing!

    Look at you keeping up with NaBloPoMO!! Exhausting, eh? ;)

    But! You are doing it! Yay!

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