Morning Routine Checklists for Kids

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For the past three weeks I have been working full-time outside of my home.

It has been quite the adjustment for myself and well, the whole family. We’ve had juggle schedules and switch up routines.

I was so glad when one day a co-worker shared an awesome idea with me.

To cut out the morning chaos in her home she came up with morning routine checklists for each of her kids. After each task is completed successfully, she gives them a sticker to place on their chart. If the kids get an entire week full of stickers, they are rewarded for their efforts.

I told my co-worker that these checklists were genius and that would definitely be making my own. However, she said no need. She asked if she could email me the documents and I happily said yes!

I am hoping that these handy checklists can make our mornings go more smoothly. (I am especially hoping that they help to eliminate having to repeat myself over and over again and help to stop the yelling, on my part).

If you would like your own copy of the checklist, please use the links to download the documents. Feel free to edit them to suit your family.

Little Man morning checklist (for children who cannot read, uses images)

Big Boy morning checklist (for older children)

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