When The Cold And Flu Invade Your Home


Cold Flu Influenza Sick

It all started with the husband. He had the chills, sweats, runny nose and a really bad cough.

Then, it trickled down to the kids.

Big boy had been coughing for a few days. His nose started running. Then, the other night after hockey practice, he started crying because his head hurt so much. His throat was also very sore and he was losing his voice.

The next day I decided to keep Big Boy home from school. This meant that I had to take my first sick day from my new job.

I checked in on Big Boy in the morning and he was feeling warm on top of all of the other symptoms he was experiencing. Usually my Big Boy is an early riser. No matter what time he goes to bed he always seems to get up around 7:00 a.m.. But not on this day. He slept on and off for hours. Another indication that something was terribly awry.

Even though I made sure we were taking the necessary precautions (and we even got the flu shot), it looks as though the cold and flu had certainly invaded our home.

Common signs of the flu and cold include the obvious cough, scratchy throat, congestion, runny nose, and even the subtle signs like fatigue, aches, pains and fever. It’s important to listen to your body and know when it’s telling you to slow down. As soon as you start to feel something coming on, use an all-in-one pain, fever and nausea reliever, such as Gravol™ Multi-symptom™. With naturally-sourced ginger and willowbark, it will help fight off that nasty Canadian cold, without leaving you feeling drowsy.

Gravol Multisymptom Cold Flu Influenza

The next day Little Man was down for the count. Now, I had two sick kids to care for and I had to take another personal sick day. I did not mind however. It meant even more snuggle time with my boys. It turns out I was not the only one with sick kids at home that day. Apparently 1/4 to 1/3 of the students at my kid’s school called in sick on Friday.

This morning I woke up with a headache, scratchy throat and cough.

Wish us luck as we all try to battle the invasion.

Disclosure – I am a Church & Dwight ambassador. Throughout the year I will be showcasing and hosting giveaways for various Church & Dwight products. As always, the opinions expressed in the above post are honest and my own.

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