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Picture Keeper Drive

We live in a digital world and now, so do our memories.

A big worry that I have is that one day I will lose all of our digital photos. Does anyone have this same worry? Or is it just me?

What if the desktop computer suddenly crashes? What if the external hard drive fails one day? What if the backup to the backup stops working? And I am terrible at printing our pictures out and putting them into albums. So, it is not like we have that option as a backup in case all of the others fail. It is just one worry after another.

Thankfully for people like myself there are products like Picture Keeper!

Picture Keeper is a small external hard drive that easily backups all of your photos. It basically looks like a regular USB key. It is that small.

Picture Keeper Drive USB

With Picture Keeper there isn’t any software to install and no passwords to remember. Thank goodness for that because I already have a million account logins and passwords. You just plug Picture Keeper into your USB port and it will find your photos for you.

When I first heard about the product I was somewhat skeptical about it’s ease of use. There has to be a catch right? Nope!

As I am using the Picture Keeper with a laptop running Windows 8 I followed the directions for this specific operating system in the small but handy instruction manual included with the device.

All you have to do is put the Picture Keeper into your USB port, go to the File Explorer, and find the Picture Keeper drive (it may be labeled as an E:, or F:, or other drive). Then, you double click the LaunchPictureKeeper.exe file to start the backup process.

Picture Keeper’s main screen will appear.

Picture Keeper Home Screen

The first thing I saw was that the program needed to be updated. I did that before I performed the actual backup.

The program had to restart for the changes to take effect. After Picture Keeper relaunched, I clicked on the Start Backup button. The device began searching my computer for all of my pictures. I guess Picture Keeper will search your “Pictures”, “Documents”, “Desktop” and “Sample Pictures” by default. If you want the program to backup photos from a different folder, there are steps that you need to follow to tell the device to do so (instructions are included in the manual linked above). For all other information, visit the FAQ page for Picture Keeper.

This is what my Picture Keeper screen looked like while it was backing up my photos:

Picture Keeper Screen Backup

The program will tell you how much time is remaining in the download. It will also indicate how many pictures are copied vs how many pictures there are total to be copied to the drive. The Picture Keeper will also skip duplicate photos!

If you happen to run out of room on your Picture Keeper drive, simply insert another empty drive and it will continue backing up.

To double check to see that your photos are all safely backed up, you can click on “Manage Pictures” to either View Pictures, View Slideshow or Restore Pictures.

Be sure to check out the Picture Keeper website for the various products available to purchase. You can also buy the software to turn your own external hard drive into a Picture Keeper!

If you are looking for an amazing product to safely backup your precious digital photo memories, do not hesitate to purchase the Picture Keeper. This device is definitely a keeper! See what I did there?

Disclosure – Complimentary products were provided by Picture Keeper for review purposes. All opinions expressed in the above review are honest and my own.

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