For the last little while I have longed for a deck that is not only gorgeous but comfortable and inviting as well.

Currently, our deck is not any of those things.

This is what our deck space currently looks like right now.

Deck Patio BBQ

Deck Patio BBQ

And I just realized that we really need to stain the deck again.

See? Now isn’t that the most boring deck you have ever seen? We haven’t even put out the chairs and umbrella that go with the table. The table and chairs are about 12 years old now (the set was a wedding gift from our wedding party) and are definitely showing their age. They are very rusty and weathered.

In the far corner in the top picture, can you see the LED tree? We kept the tree we got for Christmas from my parents out on the deck to have some ‘ambiance’ out there during the hot summer nights. We haven’t turned it on once since the snow melted.

And lastly, there is the bar-b-que. Now, the BBQ gets used a lot (we even BBQ all throughout the winter) but that is pretty much the only item that is used on the deck these days.

I watch a lot of HGTV and DIY Network on the weekends. So, I am a big fan of shows like Disaster Decks and Yard Crashers. I think I would have a heart attack if I ran into Paul Lafrance or Matt Blashaw. I dream that someday they would come and help us design an awesome deck and backyard for us to use and enjoy! It has been years since I have actually sat outside and enjoyed my time out there. I quite miss it.

If I had the money available, these are some of the items that I would purchase for my currently ‘lovely’ deck:

Sirio Oreanne 6pc Seating Set for $1787.00

Sirio Oreanne 6pc seating set Home Depot

Sirio Oreanne 6pc seating set Home Depot

Now this looks like Heaven to me! I love how you can organize it in a few different ways to get the best use out of it. I would love to have a place to lounge, read a book, or to cuddle with my boys while watching the sun set.

Because of the way our deck is situated, the sun beats down on the deck during the latter part of the day. As such, I do not enjoy eating out there at our old and weathered table. However, my family does like to eat the odd meal out on the deck. If we could upgrade our table and chairs set, this is a dining set that I could learn to live with:

Home Styles Largo 5pc Dining Set with Riviera Chairs for $1907.00

Home Styles Largo Home Depot Dining Set

This dining set is simple but elegant. We would not need a huge table like we currently have. We usually plate our meals inside the house and then take our plates and drinks outside with us. These chairs look quite comfortable that I could possibly enjoy eating more of my meals out there with my family. Also, I think that this table and chairs would look cute next to the Oreanne seating set.

As I mentioned above, the sun shines down directly onto our deck in the late afternoon and early evening. As such, I think an offset umbrella would be the perfect solution to keeping us covered from the hot, hot sun.

Hampton Bay 10 Ft Offset Umbrella for $129.00

Offset Umbrella Hampton Bay Home Depot

I thought that getting a gazebo would be a good solution for keeping us from baking in the sun while sitting out on the deck. However, our deck is not very wide, so I do not think one would fit very well up there. This type of umbrella would be the perfect option and I love that it could easily be moved to use over the dining or the seating sets.

It has been one of my long-standing dreams to have a big front porch where I could hang a lovely wooden patio swing. One beloved item that I used to have on our deck was a patio swing. We do not have a big front porch at all so we ended up getting a cheap patio swing from our local big box store. We ended up giving the swing away at the beginning of last summer as it had been tipped over one too many times during a storm and the cushions were falling apart at the seams. I found two alternatives that I think would be good replacements for our old patio swing:

Three Person Steel Sling Swing With Canopy And LED Lights for $248.00

Home Depot Steel Three Person Sling Swing

How cute and simple is that? And it even has LED lights! What a neat feature to have especially if you like sitting out on your deck as the sun goes down. Now, I know our deck would not be big enough for the seating set, dining set and the porch swing. However, I could definitely find space in my yard for this three person swing or say, this lounger:

Delano Double Orbital Lounger with Cushion Set for $605.00

Delano Double Orbital Lounger Home Depot

Now, that is my idea of relaxation right there! I can see myself reading a book or taking a nap in that lovely chair!

Well, thank you for taking the time to dream with me.

What would your dream deck look like?

Disclosure – I was not paid to write this post. I wrote it because I am truly dreaming of a beautiful space for my family and I to relax in during the short summer months we get up here in Northern Manitoba. Thank you to the Home Depot Canada for allowing me to use their images.

Brandy Reid is a stay at home mom to two very active and hockey obsessed boys. As a former YA librarian, Brandy loves to read and is obsessed with reading everyday whether it be books or blogs. Brandy proudly admits that she is a wee bit addicted to social media, especially Twitter. She also believes that everything in life you can related to the iconic TV Show Friends. No day is complete without chocolate.


  1. peady
    July 6, 2015 at 7:41 AM

    Talk about timely!

    Our patio is downright depressing right now. :(

    I love all of your choices, but I would add that awesome domed reading nook we chatted about a while ago, too!

    Home Depot has amazing choices. I wonder if they’d like a test patio? They’re free to use mine!

    • Brandy
      July 28, 2015 at 9:41 AM

      Thank you for stopping by Peady! Our decks can be depressed together. hehe!

      • peady
        July 28, 2015 at 9:53 AM

        It’s still in a rather low point, to be honest.

        We tried, but weather was not on our side.

        You know what we need? That BIG round, domed, reading chair! That’d fix everything! :D

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