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When we were first trying to conceive I diligently took my temperature every morning and wrote it down in a little notebook that I had placed next to the bed. I also made sure that I was taking multi-vitamins fortified in iron and folic acid. (I tried prenatal vitamins but they did not agree with me.)

Over the few months that we were trying I remember going through a few First Response™ pregnancy test kits. I may have been a wee bit anxious to see results right away!

When I did finally conceive it came as a complete shock and surprise to me. We had gone to a family supper at the in-laws that year. My sister-in-law made a comment that I did not look too well and that maybe I was expecting. I brushed it off. I thought I was just tired and ready for the holiday break from work to begin.

A few days later I attended the Christmas feast and concert that was becoming an annual tradition at the high school I was working for as the school librarian. I remember sitting on the floor of the gymnasium wanting to cry. Crying was not something that easily came to me. Up until that point I had only cried when I was really upset or grieving the loss of someone close to me. So, I thought it was a wee bit odd.

A night or two later I decided to break out yet another pregnancy test. I was just headed for a bath before going to bed. Bathing was almost a nightly ritual for me as I find them very stress reliving. Before I hopped in the tub I decided to take one of the tests I had left and wouldn’t you know it, it was positive! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I ran out into the living room and immediately told the husband. He was surprised and excited. If I am being completely honest, I was also a little scared. The next day I ran out and got more tests. They too came back positive. There was no denying it, I was pregnant with our first child. (A few days later I went to a doctor and got the results confirmed.) That Christmas was great because I got to tell my dad, step-mom and brother that their Christmas present that year was that there was going to be a new little family member joining us in August! It was one of the best Christmases ever.

The years have since gone by (more like flown by) and technology has changed so much. Now, you can use a First Response™ Ovulation test to tell you when the optimal time to get pregnant will be! How neat is that?

First Response Digital Ovulation Kit

Nowadays women are more empowered than ever to lead busy lives, and juggle highly demanding careers, leaving less time for a personal life. For those trying to become a mother or add to their family later in life, there are more things to consider when trying to get pregnant past 35 years of age. While this trend towards having children later can result in difficulties getting pregnant, below are some considerations that are worth exploring, plus a great solution from First Response™ to help women on their pregnancy journey.

Pregnant after 35 – Considerations

  • Delaying reproduction often makes it’s more difficult to reproduce
    • By age 35, most women have a 15 to 20 percent chance of getting pregnant in a given month, and by 45 this goes down to just 3 or 4 percent*
  • Birth weight of newborns tend to decrease as the mother’s age increases, which is unhealthy for development
  • Parents have had more time for higher education and greater labour participation meaning they likely have more income and greater family stability
  • Households that are financially stable and established, contributes to a better environment to support raising children

Regardless of your age, you can maximize your chances of conceiving each month by figuring out exactly when you ovulate. If women are on a serious time crunch, First Response™ can help to better determine their peak fertile days with the Digital Ovulation Predictor Test which detects a woman’s personal luteinizing hormone (LH) surge based on her hormone levels, unlike any other product on the market. Tracking personal LH levels can provide clarity on the optimal time to conceive, helping women get pregnant sooner when there is no time to spare.

Get your family started, with help you can trust from First Response

* Click here for more information about getting pregnant at every age

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Brandy Reid is a stay at home mom to two very active and hockey obsessed boys. As a former YA librarian, Brandy loves to read and is obsessed with reading everyday whether it be books or blogs. Brandy proudly admits that she is a wee bit addicted to social media, especially Twitter. She also believes that everything in life you can related to the iconic TV Show Friends. No day is complete without chocolate.

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