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Brandy Unwritten

Hello! I’m a 33 year old stay at home mom. I have been married for 10 years and have two beautiful, but busy boys!

We welcomed our first son, Big Boy, into our family in 2005. He was in no hurry to come into the world though. He was about a week and a half overdue. I had to be induced a couple days after my water broke. He must have liked his cozy home. To this day he is in no hurry to do things. He sometimes needs a little coaxing. Big Boy is now eight years old and will be starting Grade 3 this Fall.  He loves all sports especially hockey. He also has an affinity for math and technology just like his mom.

Then in late 2009 Little Man made his grand entrance. After only a couple hours of labour, he was born. He was not waiting around. His big brother was super proud to have a little brother. Little Man is now three years old and a bundle of energy. He loves to do anything Big Boy does. It is quite cute to watch. He also loves to sports, playing with toys, and of course, watching cartoons.

As for me, before I became a mom I was a high school librarian. When I was a teenager I had taken a few aptitude tests to see what career that would suit me best. Librarian always showed up within my top three suggested professions. But I shrugged it off for some reason and never gave it a second thought. Until an opportunity arose at my former high school and some friends suggested I apply for the position. I absolutely loved it. I had found my perfect place in the world.

I commuted to my library for eight years as my position was in my hometown and I lived in the town a half hour away. I did return to work after having our first child. However, after two years we decided that it would be best for me to stay at home. Between commuting and having a small child at home it was just becoming too exhausting and was not financially beneficial anymore.

I have been enjoying the life of a stay at home mom ever since. I have worked both in and outside of my home. One contract position had me researching all of the early learning and child care programs in our area. It was a great opportunity and brought me closer to the community I was living in.

One thing you must know about me is that I am big technology geek. I love anything and everything tech related especially computer and the Internet. When I was a teen I used to build websites using only HTML coding. I am mainly self-taught but did take a few courses in high school which helped hone my skills. In my early 20s I was offered a job to design websites for my old high school. To this day I still do a bit of web design. However, websites have come along way over the years and coding has become a lot more advanced. For the past couple of years I have tried my hand at this thing called blogging. And here I go again with my third and hopefully final blog.

Other notable things about me – I love to read, listen to music, sing (not in public though, just for fun), and dance (not very well but it does lift my spirits). I love to learn as well. When I find a topic I really am interested in, I research it thoroughly. I pride myself in being a life long learner.

That is pretty much it. I am glad you popped by my space and hope you enjoy your stay!