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The Face of Anxiety: Part II

The following post is a continuation of The Face of Anxiety posted previously. Step one on the road to recovery from anxiety was to begin talking to someone about it. Luckily, I was already seeing a fantastic mental health counsellor who I connected with after my mom passed away. This woman was my second saviour….

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The Face of Anxiety

Who is that girl in the mirror? I do not recognize her. She looks familiar. She looks a little like me. But yet, she does not. Her cheekbones are more prominent and cheeks are sunk in. She is also very pale. This young lady has my bright blue eyes. They are staring back at me….

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I am still processing my thoughts and feelings on the tragic shooting¬†that took place in our nation’s capital of Ottawa yesterday. I first heard the news on Twitter and like many others, I could not believe it. Then, I feared for my family members and friends who live in and around the Ottawa area. I…

Conquer Fear And Achieve Dreams

Sometimes you just have to conquer your fears to achieve your dreams. Now, it was never my dream to take an administrative assistant diploma. As a child and a teen I dreamt I was going to be a teacher, a nurse, a university professor, a computer programmer but never a librarian or a secretary. But…

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Anxiety: When The Techniques Are Not Enough

Sometimes relaxation techniques are not enough to get you through an anxiety attack. Sometimes meditation is not for you. Sometimes soothing music just does not calm you down. If you have tried everything you can think of to help lessen your anxiety, maybe it is time to seek alternatives.