Check list Pencil Check Mark

Morning Routine Checklists for Kids

For the past three weeks I have been working full-time outside of my home. It has been quite the adjustment for myself and well, the whole family. We’ve had juggle schedules and switch up routines. I was so glad when one day a co-worker shared an awesome idea with me.

Santa Claus Presents Gifts Christmas

The Magic & Mystery of Santa Claus

Remember how excited you were about Santa Claus when you were a young child? I certainly do. Santa Claus was a man of mystery. How could this jolly old man travel the world and deliver presents to every good little boy and girl in the whole world in one night? How did his sleigh fly…

Day 5 Elf on the Shelf

Goodbye Elf on The Shelf: We Won’t Miss You

Shh… Don’t tell my kids but our Elf on the Shelf, Elfie, has left the building. Little cute, mischievous Elfie went to a new home. Where he will be loved dearly I am sure. Last year Elfie did not even make an appearance at our house. The one thing about the Elf on the Shelf…

Compliments, Compliment


Sometimes it is hard to accept a compliment when it is given. Sometimes it is not. Compliments can turn a person’s day around. Many people do not realize how simple it is to give one.

Birthday Party Cake Candle

How to Survive A Combined Birthday Party

A couple of weekends ago we hosted a combined birthday party for our two sons. I must tell you that our son’s birthdays are nowhere near each other. Our oldest, Big Boy, was born at the end of August and our youngest, Little Man, celebrates his birthday at the beginning of December.

Poppy Remembrance Day Lest We Forget Field

Remembrance Day

Please take time out today to remember those who fought, those who are still fighting and those who have died for our freedom. My grandpa went overseas during World War II.  If he hadn’t returned home, I would not be alive today.  Every day I appreciate the sacrifices he made for me, his family, and…

Social Etiquette Pass The Salt Manners

Social Etiquette: Pass The Salt

Last night my youngest Little Man and I went out for supper with my dad and step-mom. My dad is not really technology inclined. He still owns a flip cell phone people! And he has no desire to go the smart phone route. He calls me every once in a while with an inquiry on how…

Glasses Frames Ray Ban

New Glasses, Flu Shots & Plumbers

This is going to be a total nonsense type of post. So enjoy! Thursday we had a pretty busy day. After school we went uptown to finally pick up the boy’s new glasses. Little Man has been wearing glasses for a year now and at our last appointment a week ago we found out his prescription…

Footprints Sand Beach First Steps Foot

The Discussion

One day I was talking to my “sister” on the phone about her upcoming marriage. At the time she was engaged to her partner, a woman. My son was aware that his aunt was living with another woman. However, because we lived many kilometers away from each other it was not a situation he was…