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When Your Aunt Becomes Your Uncle

How I Told My Son about My Transgender Brother   As parents we all know that babies definitely do not come with instruction manuals. We can read all of the baby books in the world but nothing really prepares us for the reality of having children until we are thrown into the fire. And we…

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Follow Your Feet

One of my favourite movies is A Knight’s Tale starring the late Heath Ledger. There are two quotes from the movie that I would like to dedicate this new year to. The first quote is Follow Your Feet. I may not be going hiking like the picture depicts above… or maybe I will… we will have…

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Morning Routine Checklists for Kids

For the past three weeks I have been working full-time outside of my home. It has been quite the adjustment for myself and well, the whole family. We’ve had juggle schedules and switch up routines. I was so glad when one day a co-worker shared an awesome idea with me.

Compliments, Compliment


Sometimes it is hard to accept a compliment when it is given. Sometimes it is not. Compliments can turn a person’s day around. Many people do not realize how simple it is to give one.

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I Lost 2 lbs

I used to weigh myself daily. It was a great way to check in to see how I was doing in regards to watching my weight. Some may have called it obsessive. (Yes, it probably looks that way from the outside.) I admit that I was obsessive about weighing myself. But when you grow up and…

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I Am Overwhelmed: A Blogger To Do List

Since I decided to start #NaBloPoMo I thought that maybe I should start a blogging to do list. I already had one on the go but now I needed to add more to it and refine it a wee bit. For the past 10 days I have been slightly overwhelmed by everything blog related. I…

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Social Etiquette: Pass The Salt

Last night my youngest Little Man and I went out for supper with my dad and step-mom. My dad is not really technology inclined. He still owns a flip cell phone people! And he has no desire to go the smart phone route. He calls me every once in a while with an inquiry on how…

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The Charm Bracelet

While I was at Blissdom (I have a lot of Blissdom stories don’t I?) I bought myself a little trinket. How cute is this charm bracelet? I love it. I tend not to wear a whole lot of jewelry. But every once in a while I like to take something shiny and pretty out of my…