The Canoe Sent From Heaven

One night when my then boyfriend (now hubs) was working night shift, the phone rang. I did not recognize the number so I reluctantly answered. The voice asked for my boyfriend and I told him that he wasn’t available right now. Being the polite person I am I asked if he wanted to leave a…

Stay-At-Home Mom Problems

You know the saying “first world problems?” I am quite sure you have heard it somewhere whether it be on social media or in your real life conversations. If you are on Twitter there is even a hashtag you can follow: #firstworldproblems.

Anyway, I may have a few first world problems but last night I realized that I have a few stay-at-home mom problems.

What can these stay-at-home mom problems be you ask?

Twelve Years Ago You Passed Away

Dear Mom, It was 12 years ago today that we watched you as your took your last breath. Dad whispered something in your ear and you slipped away. We will never forget that day. I will never forget that day. You had a tough life. It was more than you could bear and that is…

marshmellows fruit

One of My Favourite Desserts

I am not really one to really share recipes. I may ask others occasionally for a delicious sounding dish but rarely will I ever make it. This recipe I thought I would share with you as it is a nice, light, and oh so yummy dessert.

The Anniversary Day

Today, April 12th, is the anniversary of my mom’s passing. 11 years. 11 years without my mom. It’s hard to believe. How can it be that long already? It seems just like yesterday we watched her take her last breath. I often wish she was here with us.  Not a day went by when I didn’t…

Our Dirty Little Secret

… wasn’t so secret. My mom was an alcoholic. We tried to deny it, hide it.  We were ashamed.  We never talked about it.  It hung above us like a big huge grey thunder cloud.  Then, one day it stormed and crashed down all around us. That day was March 13, 2001.  That was the…

My Mom’s Birthday

Today my mom would have turned 52. But in 2001, she passed away at the age of 41 due to alcoholism. Even though our relationship was tumultuous at times, I really miss her. Some times I miss her so much that it hurts. I get so angry because I feel like she drank herself to…