The Sleep Buddy System Review

Did you know that toddlers aged one to three years old need 12-14 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period and preschoolers aged three to five years need 11-13 hours of sleep? (Statistics are according to the National Sleep Foundation.)

The Sleep Buddy system helps your child get the rest he/she needs to get through their very busy day! Review and Giveaway

With the holiday season coming to a close you all may be wondering what to do with those gift cards you received.

We all like the convenience that giving gift cards can bring. There are so many options out there these days that sometimes it is a bit overwhelming to decide what card to give. And sometimes the card we decide on may not suit the recipient’s lifestyle.

George’s Special Dry Skin Cream Review

This little lifesaver package arrived at our house just in the nick of time! Where we live we experience extremely harsh winter temperatures. We can see windchills up to -40 degrees Celsius if not worse. George’s Cream is the perfect solution for the dry and itchy skin problems that ensue.

Young Adult Novels

Top Ten Young Adult Novels To Give This Christmas

My friend Candace over at her blog Life in Pleasantville asked me to write a post listing what I think the top ten young adult novels to give and to get this Christmas are. As a former young adult librarian, putting a list together of my top ten YA novels to give this Christmas was quite…

The Little Bird Designs: Purse Review

I hadn’t even met my brother’s fiance, Aimee, and already she was making quite an impression on me. My dad and step-mom had gone to Ontario to attend a family wedding. Aimee sent along a shirt she had sewn herself for my parents to bring back for me as a surprise. The shirt, or wrap…

Funkins Review: A Fun Reusable Napkin for Kids

One day my husband decided to try to help me promote my blog. So, he shared one of my current posts on his personal Facebook wall.

A few hours later I received a wonderful email in my inbox. It was from Funkins Founder, Lisa Baumgartner! It turns out that Lisa is married to an old friend of my husbands!

Cascade All-In-One ActionPacs and Dawn Review

When we moved into our current house we were quite excited because we would finally have a dishwasher! No more dish pan hands for me! For the past couple of years we have been using liquid soap for our dishwasher. And I have to say I have been pretty disappointed in some of the soaps…