Ollie by Sphero

Learning New Tricks With Ollie

If you want to learn how to use a new piece of technology, give it to your kids. I was trying to be sneaky by keeping Ollie to myself but then I was caught playing with this innovative robot by my five-year old, Little Man. I guess I had to relent and start sharing my new toy with…

VTech Innotab Max Cover Stand

Kids Connect with the VTech InnoTab Max

I knew that the VTech InnoTab Max tablet was going to be a great device but I did not realize how great until I got it into my kid’s hands. When I showed Little Man his new toy he was super excited. H was so pumped that he practically grabbed it from my hands the…

Picture Keeper Home Screen

Safeguard And Backup Your Photos With Picture Keeper

We live in a digital world and now, so do our memories. A big worry that I have is that one day I will lose all of our digital photos. Does anyone have this same worry? Or is it just me? What if the desktop computer suddenly crashes? What if the external hard drive fails…

Facebook Login Screen My Unwritten Life

Facebook & Its Save Function

Facebook… Some days logging into you is such a delight… and others… not so much. But there are days when there is so much to catch up on and read on that I get overwhelmed. My tendency is to open another new tab. And another. And another.

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Technology Humour

Please bare with me as I am still experiencing technical difficulties. To lighten the mood I thought I’d share a wee bit of technology humour.