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My Dream Deck

For the last little while I have longed for a deck that is not only gorgeous but comfortable and inviting as well. Currently, our deck is not any of those things. This is what our deck space currently looks like right now.

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When Your Aunt Becomes Your Uncle

How I Told My Son about My Transgender Brother   As parents we all know that babies definitely do not come with instruction manuals. We can read all of the baby books in the world but nothing really prepares us for the reality of having children until we are thrown into the fire. And we…

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The Face of Anxiety: Part II

The following post is a continuation of The Face of Anxiety posted previously. Step one on the road to recovery from anxiety was to begin talking to someone about it. Luckily, I was already seeing a fantastic mental health counsellor who I connected with after my mom passed away. This woman was my second saviour….

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The Face of Anxiety

Who is that girl in the mirror? I do not recognize her. She looks familiar. She looks a little like me. But yet, she does not. Her cheekbones are more prominent and cheeks are sunk in. She is also very pale. This young lady has my bright blue eyes. They are staring back at me….

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Favourite Reads {9}

This is a special late night edition of my favourite reads for this week. How was your week? For me, it was a long one and I am looking forward to starting over fresh this coming week. Jon Acuff: Dear Person Going To A Job They Don’t Love Tomorrow Because tomorrow is Monday… I really…

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Put Away for Safekeeping

Do you ever put something away for safekeeping only to not be able to find it once you need it? This sadly happens to me a lot. More than I care to admit but I will loudly and proudly here. I was hired a few years ago to format a safety manual for someone who…

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Favourite Reads {8}

I am fly by posting today. I hope you love these reads as much as I did. The Maven of Mayhem: Dear Leelah’s Parents – What I Wish You Had Known “They choose love about judgment. It’s that simple.” I love when an update on the Maven’s Facebook page comes up in my feed. I know…

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Favourite Reads {7}

Oh, My Favourite Reads, how I have neglected you so. I apologize dearly for that. But a new job opportunity may have distracted me for a wee bit while I try to figure out a work, mom, life, blog balance. Hopefully we are back at it and ready to start the new year off right!…

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Follow Your Feet

One of my favourite movies is A Knight’s Tale starring the late Heath Ledger. There are two quotes from the movie that I would like to dedicate this new year to. The first quote is Follow Your Feet. I may not be going hiking like the picture depicts above… or maybe I will… we will have…