Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather

The other day I came to a realization. I do not own any sweaters. (Well, I have a couple but none of them are “true” sweaters.)

Poppy Remembrance Day Lest We Forget Field

Remembrance Day

Please take time out today to remember those who fought, those who are still fighting and those who have died for our freedom. My grandpa went overseas during World War II.  If he hadn’t returned home, I would not be alive today.  Every day I appreciate the sacrifices he made for me, his family, and…

My Favourite Reads Books Blogs Love

My Favourite Reads

I love to read. This isn’t news to anyone. I used to love reading books and still do. However, I find myself reading more and more content online. It can be anything from blogs, online newsletters, online news websites, parent focused websites, so on and so on. If you were to log into my laptop…

Glasses Frames Ray Ban

New Glasses, Flu Shots & Plumbers

This is going to be a total nonsense type of post. So enjoy! Thursday we had a pretty busy day. After school we went uptown to finally pick up the boy’s new glasses. Little Man has been wearing glasses for a year now and at our last appointment a week ago we found out his prescription…

charm bracelet blissdom

The Charm Bracelet

While I was at Blissdom (I have a lot of Blissdom stories don’t I?) I bought myself a little trinket. How cute is this charm bracelet? I love it. I tend not to wear a whole lot of jewelry. But every once in a while I like to take something shiny and pretty out of my…

Dandelions Quote Brave Enough Say Goodbye Paulo Coelho

A Job Ends: Moving On

In June 2008, I made one of the toughest decisions in my life and resigned from my position as library specialist at my former high school. I absolutely loved my job as the young adult librarian. It was actually the perfect for me. However, at that time in 2008, I was the mom to a…

Christmas Craft Sales Ornaments Gifts

Christmas Craft Sales #NaBloPoMo

The first weekend of November is always met with anticipation. It is the time of year that two of the biggest Christmas craft sales are held in our communities. Years ago (before children) I would get so excited over the Christmas craft show, especially the big one at our local community hall.

Canada Strong Ottawa Strong

Ottawa #OttawaStrong #CanadaStrong

I am still processing my thoughts and feelings on the tragic shooting that took place in our nation’s capital of Ottawa yesterday. I first heard the news on Twitter and like many others, I could not believe it. Then, I feared for my family members and friends who live in and around the Ottawa area. I…

Ikea Dream Bedroom

Browsing and Dreaming in Ikea

My trip to Blissdom was broken up into two legs. For the first leg I had to drive eight hours to get to Winnipeg from here. Then, I had to fly two and a half hours to Toronto where the awesome Chevrolet shuttle service picked me up and took me to the hotel in Mississauga. This…