Book Review: Be That Mom by Tina O’Connor

Be That Mom promises to ignite the inner passions every woman has and help organize her life to make her home run more smoothly. Each chapter (and there are 12 of them) is filled with tons of great tips and tricks Tina has learned through her own experiences as being a wife and mother of three.

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Our Summer Vacation of 2013

Our summer vacation this year was much like last years, yet not really. The are a little older and a wee bit taller. New places were explored, and old places rediscovered. Overall, it was a great getaway for all of us.

His First Days of Preschool

A couple of weeks ago the youngest, my three year old, had his first days of preschool. For the past couple of weeks we had been preparing him for school. We were in mad potty training mode. Once he caught on to that he was super excited. He danced around the house chanting “me go…

Willow’s Story

Today our beloved Willow turns twelve. I had begged and pleaded for months with then boyfriend (now husband) to get a dog. Since the husband worked shift work I wanted to have some company, especially on his night shifts, in the lonely house in the strange town in which I had moved to.

Back to School Book

Back to School

It’s back to school time!

I cannot believe that summer holidays have come to an end as fast as they did but we sure were quite busy throughout the entire time.

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When I Look In The Mirror

I don’t like the number I see on the scale. I don’t like the way my clothes fit. Yet, when I look in the mirror I don’t mind what I see. How can this be? But then I turn to the side… Image Source:¬†