25 Random Things About Me Facebook Meme

25 Random Things About Me Facebook Meme

Remember a few years ago there was a Facebook meme floating around where people were asked to write 25 Random Things about themselves? Of course you do. We all did it. Being the overachiever that I am, I wrote slightly more than 25. It also took me about a week or so to properly organize…

Hockey Tournament Sleeping Arrangements

Hockey Tournaments and Sleeping Arrangements

Since the beginning of January of this year we have been going from one hockey tournament to another. In order to save a little money for one of the trips (which is a four hour drive one way) the husband decided that he and Big Boy will commute with another parent and his son. Plus,…

My Hometown – Cranberry Portage, Manitoba

Cranberry Portage, Manitoba. My beautiful and special hometown.¬†Where I was born and raised. Well, I was actually born in The Pas, Manitoba but that is because Cranberry Portage doesn’t have it’s own hospital. Cranberry Portage is actually a village. The current population sits just below 600. Growing up our town wasn’t much bigger. I think…

In Regards to Your NekNomination Dear Facebook Friend

NekNomination. Haven’t heard of it yet? Well, you are going to get an ear full about it from me. I have read about NekNomination all across the Internet these past few weeks in message boards I frequent as well as on Twitter and Facebook. A NekNomination is like a dare. A person downs a deadly…

I Gave Up My iPhone

I really did it. I gave up my iPhone. And now it has been over two weeks since I sold it. You may be asking, “why would you do such a crazy thing?”

The Loud Hockey Parent

I finally met that one loud hockey parent. You know the one… They have to make a comment on every little thing the kids do on the ice. They try to be the honourary coach of the team and belt out instructions like it’s their job.