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Home Sweet Home Spring Cleaning Giveaway

Some of my most fondest memories growing up were when my mom would do a big spring clean in our small little house. Both of my parents smoked in our house (yes, while my brother and I were also in the house). So, pretty much every year my mom would bring out a ladder, her…

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April Showers Bring May Flowers

Living in Northern Manitoba we are more likely to see snow showers instead of rain showers during the month of April. However, the odd time we are treated to a lovely spring shower. Not only does the rain help melt the rest of the snow away, it cleans up any dirt and dust left behind…

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Spring Cleaning With OxiClean

While I pride myself on being somewhat of a neat freak, spring cleaning is one thing I cannot seem to follow through on. I will honestly tell you that I do not – I repeat – do not spring clean my house every year. I know it is something I should do but thinking about moving…

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When Your Aunt Becomes Your Uncle

How I Told My Son about My Transgender Brother   As parents we all know that babies definitely do not come with instruction manuals. We can read all of the baby books in the world but nothing really prepares us for the reality of having children until we are thrown into the fire. And we…

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Learning New Tricks With Ollie

If you want to learn how to use a new piece of technology, give it to your kids. I was trying to be sneaky by keeping Ollie to myself but then I was caught playing with this innovative robot by my five-year old, Little Man. I guess I had to relent and start sharing my new toy with…

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New Year’s Resolutions Reminder & Giveaway

I have tried in the past to make New Year’s Resolutions but for the most part I have not been able to make them stick. A few weeks in and the new habits seem to disappear. Instead of making your typical New Year’s Resolutions I decided to switch things up. For something new, one year I made…

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I’m The Cat Sitter Extraordinaire

My neighbours cat Cassie I will be completely honest with you here. I am not a cat person. When someone asks do you like cats or dogs, I always say dogs. My grandma had a cat and whenever I tried to pet her, I would always be met with a hiss or by a whack…

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The Face of Anxiety: Part II

The following post is a continuation of The Face of Anxiety posted previously. Step one on the road to recovery from anxiety was to begin talking to someone about it. Luckily, I was already seeing a fantastic mental health counsellor who I connected with after my mom passed away. This woman was my second saviour….

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The Face of Anxiety

Who is that girl in the mirror? I do not recognize her. She looks familiar. She looks a little like me. But yet, she does not. Her cheekbones are more prominent and cheeks are sunk in. She is also very pale. This young lady has my bright blue eyes. They are staring back at me….