Canada Strong Ottawa Strong

Ottawa #OttawaStrong #CanadaStrong

I am still processing my thoughts and feelings on the tragic shooting that took place in our nation’s capital of Ottawa yesterday. I first heard the news on Twitter and like many others, I could not believe it. Then, I feared for my family members and friends who live in and around the Ottawa area. I…

Cottage North Magazine July August Issue

An Interview with Cottage North Magazine

I hope you are all having a fantastic morning. Months ago after working with my friend C.C. Trubiak on a review of his latest album he suggested that I contact the editor of local magazine, Cottage North, to see if maybe I could contribute to an issue.

Ikea Dream Bedroom

Browsing and Dreaming in Ikea

My trip to Blissdom was broken up into two legs. For the first leg I had to drive eight hours to get to Winnipeg from here. Then, I had to fly two and a half hours to Toronto where the awesome Chevrolet shuttle service picked me up and took me to the hotel in Mississauga. This…

Trail Mix Island Snacks Calories

Wordless Wednesday: Trail Mix on Steroids?

On my first leg of my trip to the Blissdom Canada conference I stopped at a local gas station to fuel up and grab a few things. I had an eight hour drive ahead of me and I needed some snacks for the road. I quickly grabbed a bag of the Fancy Chocolate Mix because it…


Blissdom Canada 2014

Honestly, I did not think I was going to make it to the Blissdom Canada conference this year. I kept telling people that I was not going. There was no way it was going to happen this year. It was too darn expensive. But then I received a wee bit of encouragement from Jennifer, a few gentle…

Dream Big I Can! Kids!

Books That Inspire From I Can! Kids! #Giveaway

“Imagine children everywhere, walking around with confidence, setting goals and developing a plan to accomplish those tasks, knowing that they have the strength and courage to accomplish anything that they set their mind to. These children will dream big. Anything is achievable, anything can be accomplished. These same children grow up; they continue to accomplish…