BeautyGram: A Little Surprise in a Pretty Pink Box

I have been interacting with Jennifer from BeautyGram for a while now on Twitter.

A couple of months ago I was chatting away on Twitter (late at night as usual) when I saw Jenn tweet out a picture of some of the products inside BeautyGram’s cute little pink boxes.

George’s Special Dry Skin Cream Review

This little lifesaver package arrived at our house just in the nick of time! Where we live we experience extremely harsh winter temperatures. We can see windchills up to -40 degrees Celsius if not worse. George’s Cream is the perfect solution for the dry and itchy skin problems that ensue.

The Little Bird Designs: Purse Review

I hadn’t even met my brother’s fiance, Aimee, and already she was making quite an impression on me. My dad and step-mom had gone to Ontario to attend a family wedding. Aimee sent along a shirt she had sewn herself for my parents to bring back for me as a surprise. The shirt, or wrap…

Hapari Swimwear Review

Like most women, I have difficulty trying to find that perfect swimsuit to wear each summer. Which is probably why I have worn the same two suits for the last six years! I figured it was time for a makeover.