Clump Seal Arm Hammer Cat Litter

I’m The Cat Sitter Extraordinaire

My neighbours cat Cassie I will be completely honest with you here. I am not a cat person. When someone asks do you like cats or dogs, I always say dogs. My grandma had a cat and whenever I tried to pet her, I would always be met with a hiss or by a whack…

Cold Flu Influenza Sick

When The Cold And Flu Invade Your Home

It all started with the husband. He had the chills, sweats, runny nose and a really bad cough. Then, it trickled down to the kids. Big boy had been coughing for a few days. His nose started running. Then, the other night after hockey practice, he started crying because his head hurt so much. His…

25 Days of Christmas Activity Kit Review

December is here! The holidays are upon us! And so are advent calendars. You know those neat little things that help you count down the days until Christmas? Some advent calendars have you open a new window each day and behind it you will find a cute little treat to enjoy. My boys sure love…

My Stow-n-Tow Tidy Totes Review & Giveaway

While I was attending Blissdom Canada I had the chance to check out the awesome Handmade Marketplace. It was hard to miss the lovely display of totes the ladies of My Stow-n-Tow set-up. I made several trips to the marketplace because my sister-in-law was one of the venders and I wanted to visit with her and…

Zoku Quick Pop Maker

Zoku Quick Pop Maker Review

Whoever thought of creating the Zoku Quick Pop Maker is a genius!

We have been experiencing some unusually warm weather here in Manitoba for early September. I thought this would be a perfect time to test out the Zoku Quick Pop Maker.

Celebrate Earth Day with Funkins Reusable Napkins

Earth Day has been celebrated on April 22 every year since 1970.

People around the world celebrate Earth Day to help raise awareness of local and global environmental issues. Our Earth has gone through some drastic and detrimental changes throughout the years due to our poor choices.

The Sleep Buddy System Review

Did you know that toddlers aged one to three years old need 12-14 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period and preschoolers aged three to five years need 11-13 hours of sleep? (Statistics are according to the National Sleep Foundation.)

The Sleep Buddy system helps your child get the rest he/she needs to get through their very busy day!

Cascade All-In-One ActionPacs and Dawn Review

When we moved into our current house we were quite excited because we would finally have a dishwasher! No more dish pan hands for me! For the past couple of years we have been using liquid soap for our dishwasher. And I have to say I have been pretty disappointed in some of the soaps…