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Dare2Give: Give Back

You have probably seen the commercials for this great campaign called Dare2Give by My Giving Moment. The initiative was inspired by the Governor General of Canada, David Johnston. Mr. Johnston wants you to dare your family, friends, and random folks to give back to their community.

In Regards to Your NekNomination Dear Facebook Friend

NekNomination. Haven’t heard of it yet? Well, you are going to get an ear full about it from me. I have read about NekNomination all across the Internet these past few weeks in message boards I frequent as well as on Twitter and Facebook. A NekNomination is like a dare. A person downs a deadly…

25 Days of Christmas Activity Kit Review

December is here! The holidays are upon us! And so are advent calendars. You know those neat little things that help you count down the days until Christmas? Some advent calendars have you open a new window each day and behind it you will find a cute little treat to enjoy. My boys sure love…