July Summer Travel Gravol

A Summer Escape for the Family

Summer has officially begun, which means it’s time to take a break from your busy life – and what better way than to embark on an adventure! The options are endless – both nationally and internationally. When you’re getting your family organized and ready, don’t forget about Gravol™. If anyone is sensitive to motion sickness,…

Sirio Oreanne 6pc seating set Home Depot

My Dream Deck

For the last little while I have longed for a deck that is not only gorgeous but comfortable and inviting as well. Currently, our deck is not any of those things. This is what our deck space currently looks like right now.

Hapari Swimwear Review

Like most women, I have difficulty trying to find that perfect swimsuit to wear each summer. Which is probably why I have worn the same two suits for the last six years! I figured it was time for a makeover.

marshmellows fruit

One of My Favourite Desserts

I am not really one to really share recipes. I may ask others occasionally for a delicious sounding dish but rarely will I ever make it. This recipe I thought I would share with you as it is a nice, light, and oh so yummy dessert.